A Feis (pronounced fesh) is an Irish dance competition. Click here for the full definition on Wikipedia.

While we encourage competition as an integral part of traditional Irish dance, it is completely optional at SAID.  Although we have many students who are competitive at every age and level, we also have students who have been dancing with us for years and have chosen not to compete or to only compete occasionally.  All of our dancers enjoy participating in weekly classes, camps, shows, and parades throughout the year.

If your dancer chooses to compete, they may begin participating in feiseanna at a pre-beginner and/or beginner level once they’ve been taking lessons at SAID for six months or longer.  Please contact us if you are interested in trying a feis and we will send you information about how to sign up, what your dancer will need, etc.

Here are some great resources for feis info, schedules, etc:

North American Feis Commission


Feis Web